Unconventional blog



This is an unconventional blog, born to give place to today’s fashion, how we dress and what are the trends proposed by fashion brands, by emerging designers. The most incredible trends, the most glamorous, the coolest, fun, amazing outfits, the real must-haves, but also and above all the most kitsch we couldn’t see, or love, or hate but then still buy them.

Fashion is in its moment of maximum splendor. Every object, dress, accessory has already been invented in the past decades but today it is transformed and re-proposed under many aspects.

It is the era of many beauties, of many styles, but also of the horrors, of the branded, of the improbable street style, of being always fashionable, of wearing everything and often nothing at all, of wearing the one seen on to the vip of the moment.

From the floral dress, to the animalier, to the lace, to the transparencies, to the the most incredible styles, accessories and colors … the tendency is to structure a style that is more articulate and impractical, then what is fashion instead.

And then there are them, shoes and furry shoes

Thousands of women are in love with shoes. They are the accessory that completes every style, for many people they are also fetish object with a strong erotic soul. Inevitable presence in the shoe closet of each of us, shoes are not used but abused even before the pencils of fashion designers.

The shoes evolve and today they are no longer an object inside which our feet are comfortably placed, warmed up, protected, helped to overcome obstacles, but they become an object on which to express their artistic talent, sometimes cafonal and not functional, ridiculous opprobrium without the slightest trace of their unmistakable beauty, without a soul, without their fundamental role. Byebye comfort, aesthetics, practicality, hygiene, durability.

The Ciabatte Pelose (Furry shoes)

… wants to be a dynamic space dedicated to them, but also to much else. The Ciabatte Pelose will be the kennel for your shoes, which you will learn to love and cuddle as if they were your Chihuahua. After all, if you buy the dress of tulle and lace for your puppy, a LV bag to carry it, you will reserve the same loving attention to your furry shoes, isn’t it?

But now tell me

what are you wearing right now? Chic shoes, or furry shoes? #UncafonalChic or #CafonalChic shoes?