Once upon a time there were straw bags.

For the summer season 2018 the straw bag or rather the straw basket is definitely returned as a glamorous accessory for the summer. And we have seen many, too many in the proposals of the Maison Dolce & Gabbana, as if they had launched the fashion of the woven wicker accessory. In fact, it must be stressed that in 2013 wicker details appeared in many dresses and accessories branded D&G.

Dolce & Gabbana Wicker Shoes, 2013

In fact, things are not quite so, that is the wicker bag was not “launched” for the first time only in 2013 and brought back to prominence in 2018.

In the years ‘ 60 was Jane Birkin to use daily as a wicker basket carrying it on every occasion night and day, even on the red carpet.

Jane Birkin actress and singer English is considered style icon.

And as we know, in that time Jane Birkin transformed any object into a style icon, making it indispensable. Just think she was the one who inspired the Hermès Maison for the creation of the famous Birkin bag.

The mythical Birkin Bag by Maison Hermès.

The straw bag has therefore been, and certainly will be, always present as a unique and timeless accessory, that is decorated and not.

A beautiful hand-embroidered Sicilian crow

The most beautiful are certainly the Sicilian coffee of humble origins and transformed by skillful hands of artisans in beautiful bags colorful and precious, as these decorated by Apple Bruno who knows how to enclose in each of them the love for his Sicily, colors and Scents of the territory.

Brown Apple Coffe of Love

Coffe D’amare, just like that… A meticulous work of patchwork in which history and culture are intertwined and which in my opinion can never be created so skillfully and reproduced in multiple copies and then sold to those who will not really appreciate the origin of this object and all the history that Embodies.

Beautiful hand-embroidered decorations on the authentic coffe d’amare

Do you agree with me that it is much nicer to possess an original object, made with spontaneous creative flair and handmade by a Sicilian craftsman?

You can find more information about the Coffe d’amare of Mela Bruno here in this article and on the site, clicking directly on the images. I’m sure one of these will be yours now!

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