Street style as a daily bread. I get up in the morning and when I choose what to wear I’m not there to do me who knows what paranoia if what I pull out of the closet follows a style or not. Generally I take the first thing I get, I try to match it best to everything else, and being fond of color point more than anything else on those. Then I take the bag, which it invariably rolls… That is not bad, I mean that the change often (I have a vintage collection of handbags of a luxury that if I do not have to go shopping I try to wear), and I get out.

What is the Street style?

How do you dress when you go shopping? When you run to the office? That might be the Office style. Or is it the style you wear to go on the subway? That will be the Underground Style, No… Maybe that’s the Tube Style… And you have no idea how many wonderful, ehmm AMAZINNNGGG combinations you see in the London tube, that as the English dare, no one else can do.

Mind you, living in Milan (maybe I lived in London), when I climb on a train of the MM I see people dressed all the same. A group of people evenly in black or gray pantegana, or beige crème brulèe, which I am almost ashamed a bit ‘ to stand out too with my duvet and red ruby scarf. But the Milanese, you know, are all a stuff them, not by chance someone called them “Milanesi Imbructiti!

But then?? This Street Style, what’s?!?!

The dictionary says this:

The first example that I pass says this:

Maybe I could define it, Trasanda Style, as they say in Milan, indeed I like the most giargiana, the phonetics is like Street Style (you hear it?), and then transformed into a giargiana. Yes, yes… It is the right word: The street style is the Giargiana style.

You are not from Milan and do not know what it means Giargiana? No worries, it’s not a thing that bites, and already looking at these photos you understand perfectly, and then if you want to deepen the web is full of jargianate and explanations of what is “the” Giargiana.

We also have the Scandinavian Giargiana style (ehmmm better stay on the street style that then I offend the Nordic friends), which I would call more refined, much but much more #UncafonalChic of this jumble of robe #CafonalChic below:

How did you get dressed!?!

Let’s get to the juice, just to understand ourselves. As long as you combine among them garments that you choose randomly from your closet, must be absolutely meaningless, if you want you can also choose signatories and with character. Maybe you give a piece to his brother, one to grandma and you put a pair of shoes, like those of the top photo (please, those shoes!), take, go out and you are in total mood Street Style. I guess that’s it, isn’t it?

So, it seems clear to me and the example above further clarifies the possible option #CafonalChic, staying a little more on the classic.

“Dare to pose”, because it is perhaps only on certain occasions that happen to see around people so agghindata, that you put in certain pose to be photographed maybe in front of the entrance of the location of an event, or queued to enter the theatre of a parade of Fashion.

In all honesty, have you ever seen someone turn so in some peripheral area of your city? Or the cinema? Or the supermarket?

Fashion offers us often excessive extremes and always full of novelty. But it seems that the real trend now is the Street Style and this is what will dictate the rules for the next seasons.

At the next fashion week in Milan in February, turn the streets of the quadrilateral if they see some beautiful, and everything that will revolve around each event, will mark a trend, dictate the laws of style for the season. So passionate and not, eyes and ears open on because I’ll put the curtains in via Montenapoleone and I will do my best to make you participate in the news that will be sported on the street, and then it’ll be up to you to filter, choose and garbling in Around.

Hello Giargiane!

PS: Have you studied? Do you know what hashtags are #CafonalChic and #UncafonalChic? Read here, eye that then I interrogo you!

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