Good morning and nice to meet you, followers of The hairy slippers, that I like to imagine are a multitude!

I’m Anna da Re and I’m a fashion blogger. Kind of a special fashion blogger though, since I am “after fifty”. Meaning I am over 50 years old; and I still find life to be wonderful (and sometimes unbearable). And I know there are a lot of ladies out there, young inside like me!

In my blog chic After Fifty I try to show and talk about everything that is beautiful and chic.

So, what a relief to be able to find a place to comment on everything that is bad and not chic!

To get to know me, I put this picture with a pair of hairy shoes. I was in Milan during the Vogue fashion Night Out, a supposedly wonderful event, but something must have gone wrong since at 9 pm all the shops of the “fashion quadrilateral”  were closed (in several of them there were people doing the cleaning). A shop was open, a shoe shop by Philippe Model. A brand that I remember from when I was young, and that at the time made nice shoes. Then who knows what happened to him. Of all the shoes displayed in the store that night, I would not have worn anything, not even if they had given me them for free. I am telling you, among all these, the hairy shoes were not even the ugliest!

Would you like to know another item I would never wear? All golden/silvered/glitterated shoes. Do you know how many there are? And how do people wear them in haphazardly? Because I could understand somebody who is eccentric and over the top, I could understand those ladies so chic that they manage to put silver shoes with old worn out inherited khaki pants, but what about all the normal people that, until last season (or was it two seasons ago?) had worn shoes in normal colors? I don’t understand them. Someone must have told them that silver or gold add a glam touch… Deceitful are the words more than anything else!

I am not finished here, of course. But I will tell you the rest in the next articles!

And shall we keep Monday as the appointment with this “not even with a gun to my temple” fashion version?

See you soon!

Anna da Re,, on Instagram and Twitter @soprabito

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