In fact it is cold, we are in the middle of winter, they also predicted snow and polar frost in a couple of days, so we have to cover ourselves for good… Here you have the perfect solution to stay warm and not freeze “up to the pants” because with these furry knickers you could be still sure that this will not happen.

Anonymous furry knickers… I couldn’t find out who produced them.

I don’t want to be vulgar, but thinking about some intimate fashions style in these years… I think these furry knickers are the right solution for some of young women to shelter from the cold.

I better stop here, but I swear I’m laughing.

Do you like them blue? I confess that I found these by chance and so I searched on the web and I did not found other similar models nor in other colors and I could not even tell you who produces them, so I’m sorry for you but I can’t help you because I know you would like one, in prevision of the polar frost expected these days. True?

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