This is not the first time I spoke about design objects covered with fur. If you scroll back in the archive of articles you will find some fantastic furry chairs.

Hortensia Chair inspired by the flower.

Today I want to present the objects designed by the designer and artist Andrés Reisinger, who impressed me very much for his creativity that combined with contemporary culture, has created a large interdisciplinary experience, full of artistic flair and genius.

Hairy Design conceived with Patricia Urquiola and Asus for the Salone del Mobile

Next days, I will dedicate some extra space to his work that I really like, on my blog Alfieri Magazine, here you just a little showing you the furry side of his creativity.

Do You like these objects? They were made very recently and something will be displayed at the Milan Design Week that opens in a few days. I find Them as bizarre as unlikely, but at the same time fascinating.

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