It has arrived, it is among us, here is finally the blog born from the Star Saga “Ciabatte Pelose” served unexpectedly by his readers on a beautiful silver platter, when by sheer chance a few months ago the first article dedicated to furry shoes has been published, unwittingly, in a new series dedicated to these dazzling hairiness. Talking about hairy slippers could really be so pleasant and have ever more growing passionate readers? So it was and thanks to his audience, born today the blog dedicated to new generation shoes, the shoes of the future, The Ciabatte Pelose.

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Follow The Ciabatte Pelose. After the proper presentation under the spotlight and because things are done with the spirit that distinguishes every television saga that respects, here you are to read and have fun, to comment to get us to your thoughts of love or hatred of how furryly you will be proposed to talk about. The doors of this blog are open to everyone and as such, otherwise you know what a boring World it’ could be, we will write every day about fashion, accessories, styles, not only and exclusively of hairy shoes.

The return of the mythical Star Saga “Ciabatte Pelose”

Born out of nothing and without too much reasoning, months ago go on air the first marvellous, incredible, wonderful Star Saga “Ciabatte Pelose“, commonly known as “The Saga”. A dense plot of events, a battle between alien worlds, overwhelmed peoples and conquered planets are at the center of this space adventure arrived at the tenth episode, already part of the second season, and accompanied on the red carpet by its incredible Interstellar success.

For all the new readers who have missed the previous episodes and to satisfy the old ones who wish to throw themselves back in oblivion of this adventure after the summer break, The Ciabatte Pelose blog is inaugurated with the broadcast of the first series on this new web platform and that you will find then here, so you can’t miss any more episode.

The new episodes of the second season, will be aired later: you will meet the new protagonists, accompany them in their adventure, fight with them for the reconquest of the Universe in a wonderful battle.

And in the meantime…

… while waiting between a previous episode and a new one, The Ciabatte Pelose blog will keep you with its #UnCafonalChic and #CafonalChic articles about the glamorous styles of the moment, the accessories and everything that makes fashion and we would like it.

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