As some of you will know, my world is not only made of hairy shoes, but also and especially of paper. Let’s take a look here and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Here are the Nike Air Max 1/97 by Sean Wotherspoon well-known vintage fashion collector, he won a competition in 2017 organized by Nike.

With the paper you can do everything, not only the books (I add another piece to my curriculum, I spent a good part of my decades of life in the world of books, being the daughter of a well-known italian art publisher), and when I saw the photos of the Nike Air Max 1 /97 by Sean Wotherspoon I thought, here’s a nice pair of vintage sneakers, with some velvet put there just to remind us of the eighties. But it wasn’t quite like that…

The velvets were not velvet, the upper was not a upper, it was all strictly amde of paper!! Oh yes, the photos I was observing were not real Nike, but a pair of perfectly crafted paper sculpture shoes from a very talented paper artist, Lydia Kasumi Shirreff.

Perfect in every detail, the magnificent Nike Air Max 1/97 SW by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff
Even the sole… It’s not rubber, it’s paper!

Londoner, Lydia is already well known for her paper sculptures, colourful and geometric, made for well-known brands and used in photographic sets and fittings.

And the paper shoes? Perfect in every detail, twins to the originals, they are easily confused, fantastic.

I am happy to discover that the paper is becoming more of a “poor” two-dimensional product, which is finally reconsidering and valued not only for its simple use of “support” or to draw.

Is it the good time that even the paper jewels will not be considered more “paper-only”?

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