Hairy slippers. Like any self-respecting saga, there’s always the sequel… are we at apotheosis?

Let me tell you I’m having a world, better than Star Wars, better than Dallas… Of the House on the Prairie… But never and never will be better than bbbeautiful, alas, that no, unfortunately no one beats it.

 I know, you were there waiting anxiously and checking every day.. When? When is the time? When will we again live inside and our waiting anxiety will be placher√†? When we stop dreaming of the protagonists of “Ciabatte Hairy” At night?!?!?!

No, no, you can’t stop dreaming about the episodes of this amazing, wonderful, amazing web series… Because I could no longer tell you about the Vicissitude, the amorous and morbid plots, the twists of this whole Milan-fashion-Italian affair.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the new chapter of the saga: “Ciabatte Hairy 3, The return“.

To you the protagonists of today: beautiful, hairy more than ever, in various colors assorted.

On the left the sparkling, insuperable, the best of the best, the furry slippers with a cross-coloured green water, made of soft fur with unparalleled golden edging and Suolona strictly in white anti-tilt rubber.

To the right of your screens, the darker version in black fur pitch, and for lovers of the pink toilet, salmon or if you prefer apricot, the version that completes the range haute couture now available to the public. 

Of course all strictly, essentially, competitionally for sale in Via Sant’Andrea in Milan.

And where else, if not there?

Soon with the next installment.

PS: Know, that all these hairy slippers are the result of an accurate search, an investigation on site that I carried out personally, so be certain that everything is rigorously selected in a very strict casting. Alas, unfortunately, the beautiful season is coming and even the hairy slippers will go into mothballs, but do not worry, I am sure that the fashionable summer offers us fantastic goodies.

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