The Saga Ciabatte Pelose continues, are you following it? It will be soon online the new serie, the Season 3, and, as you know, this blog born or better it was inspired by the famous stories of Ciabatte Pelose, opening its doors to welcome you in his furry world.

Today We publish episode 2 of the Second Season and it will follow in a short distance the last 3 episodes of this Season, so you can start with the new adventures of our beloved protagonists.

It’s going to explode! It’s going to explode!

The Earth is about to explode!

The hairy model “Pelos Internos” arrived.

Run! Flee! Farther than you can, to other worlds, as long as you still have your feet free from slavery.

Don’t be manipulated by the minds Of the Marketing Lords who are exploiting every weapon, the More deadly than the Scientists of the Evil Fashion Stylist have Never could invent.

Are we at the apotheosis, or not yet?

What else will he expect? 

Maybe there’s nothing left to do. Perhaps nothing will stop them, nothing will defeat them, the whole world is in their Hands.

The battle becomes fierce, the scares are sound, missiles thrown into space destroy, break through, pulverize any attempt at BOOMMM defense!!

We are going to be kidnapped by Supreme forces They will immobilize us and change our shoes to our feet, forcing us to become deadly Monstrosity that will make us obedient and impassive automaton in the face of every Their request.

The mind will be manipulated, the Controlled thoughts, our style will become their food and our Personality will be distorted until it becomes in their image and likeness, Equal to millions more.

How can we do to regain Our freedom? A group of rebels Has already been born, but they will be branded for life As deserters, criminals… And they will be banned from any Social Spazial Network.

Shoesbook, the largest Virtual shoe rack invented by Matt Scarpembergs, will conquer the planet and Hundreds of millions of human beings will be swallowed up in the spiral of virtual oblivion that hypnotize us through the screen of our Computers and smartphones, will manage to have full power over us, Imposing his diktats on us and selling our minds to the Lords of the Marketing of Mothers ‘ Houses throughout the Universe, to force us to change our Shoes and imposing on us forever the notorious Hairy Slippers.

What a tremendous defeat.

I still can’t believe this is the end.

No, it’s not the end. Each story has the His intricate vicissitudes and someone will come to save us.

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