Here we are for a new round of images sent by our readers passionate about hairy shoes, or rather, young huntresses who accepted the appeal to make a reportage on the road hunting for the most beautiful monstrous hairiness.

Let’s start with…

Evening hairiness with pointed embroidery, they look like crows. Thanks to Eleonora!
These are certain that many have bought them. Unfortunately I don’t know who kindly provided them.
We also have a duplicate! Beautiful little hoofs. A photo comes from Anna and one from Laura.
These are not hairy but are velvety and deserve all our attention. Thanks to Luciano!
These speak for themselves, now that the outside temperature has doubled, they can be useful to take to the beach. Thanks to Carlotta.
Even if a little move makes the idea well. Hairiness everywhere also in via Fiori Chiari in Milan, where more trendy can’t be. Thanks to Barbara!

A microwave these LV sneakers. Already I sweat with the normal ones, let alone with these. Photo by Anonymous.
Just a little… We place fur everywhere as it rain that we never fail. Picture by Emily.

The furry Ciabatte is super happy to have readers friends and lecturers who are giving themselves to do.

Don’t Stop! Continue to send via message on the Facebook page your images, after a careful selection will be published.

A soon with more news on the road!

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