Do you know the English shoes? Have you ever owned a pair of them? I’m sure yes, at least a couple of those brown-hued ones must have become part of your shoe rack.

English model shoes are not produced exclusively in England.

The English shoes pierced and the laces I think will never go out of fashion. There have been and there are famous brands that after decades continue to produce them. The most famous are the Church, but then come the Clarks and follow years after many other brands have produced in the classic model, such as the Hogan.

The Italian shoes are certainly the best as a handmade product, softer and more comfortable, but also the English shoes do not beat anyone. As a man especially as a woman, they are and will always be the best.

What if in addition to the classic shape, they were also colored? Maybe we could appreciate them more? Wear them not only in the classic colors, but daring with flashy tones and outgoing combinations to be fashionable throughout the year.

… and are not alone and exclusively in the classic colors, light brown, dark and black.

To a lover of colors like me, they could not jump to the eye this hyper colored version.

Are they produced in England? English shoes are not produced exclusively in England. There are handicraft companies that also make them in other areas of Europe, like these models, Abo Shoes, a company in Belgrade that produces them rigorously by hand with quality skins.

And which would you choose? I’m pretty undecided. In 2016 and then again in 2017 there was the boom of this model in silver and gold mirror, you’ve definitely seen them. I was fascinated, I confess that I had to endure a lot ‘ to not buy a pair, and then I regretted not having done.

I know that everyone might not like, “coincidentally” extravagant and perhaps a little risky, but would you consider them #CafonaChic or #UnCafonalchic?

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