The Pantone hairy shoes, obviously I find them… It didn’t take me a lot of time to find them in the world overrun by monstrous hairiness. Here are the Ciabatte Pelose in purple as a mother Pantone imposes, Ultraviolet, is better be more specific if you decide to go and buy. Now, however, marvel more than ever for the name of the brand that produces them. Yes, you have read well, you can read it clearly in the picture and I was literally open-mouthed.

So we will see sportsmen, athletes, professional swimmers get out of the pool wearing rubber slippers, strictly hairy, and branded on sight? What do you say, Federica Pellegrini will use it already?

AAARGGGHHH!!! The swimming Europeans have just passed and I have not focused enough in front of the TV in search of purple hairs, and they will have escaped me, sigh!

No hope.

By now the invasion has almost arrived at its epic moment, even if Nike proposes pool hairiness as well in purple as the trend of the year wants.

Now nothing can save us.

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