OFF-White for those who do not know, is an Italian brand. Yep. Founded in Milan a few years ago, very few, by the American Dj and creative designer Virgil Abloh, with fantastic innovative ideas and dynamics in the matter of sporting goods and fashion but not only.

Much loved, this brand is famous especially for projecting well-known Nike sneakers that have created addiction and tails in front of the Nike store in Via Moscova (just to make an example, but who knows where else around the world… Or are the Italians just queuing up in front of the shops to grab a pair of sneakers?).

Virgil Abloh has designed a large amount of shoes for Nike, behind which I can not stay because it will come out a new version every 15 days. But other than sneakers, I wanted to show you these motorcycle boots that I find fantastic.

OFF-White CST 100 sneaker Boot. The price is rather high, they are available in some stores in the USA mainly in black fabric, but these I find them really beautiful and fantastic in this modern color, with a strong charismatic soul.

Do you like them? I do, very much. Too bad I do not have a bike, it does not take away that I could buy them anyway. I like them as much as the F1 pilot shoes that I can’t wait to buy back, and now with these I’m definitely undecided.

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