Sanremo is finished. A week has passed since the beginning of the Festival, and the proclamation of the winning song Soldi sung by the young Italian Egyptian Mahmood and it has come with the usual controversy.

Of Sanremo we just have to… what remains about Sanremo?

The Sanremo revolution that I expected is delayed to arrive, even I would say that it has not arrived. At one point I was so bored to look at how the singers were dressed, how, in some cases, they have continued to give the best of the worst, and in others, they gave way to overcoming elegance. It’s not because we really needed it.

And so what will remain about this edition of the Festival della canzone? The image that for me is and will remain a symbol of this event, which embodies all my point of view and expresses it perfectly, with a good substance, the soul of the 69 ° edition of the Festival is this.


Virginia Raffaele with this “seat with red dress” perfectly represents an extract of the 5 days of the competition, its guests, the singers, the conductors. And yes I wanted to give a title this image to be able to emphasize to the best the meaning that I gave to this edition of the Festival. Without thinking about the parody that Virginia wanted to represent with her comedy, do you understand the hidden meaning?

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