… And after a short break from The Ciabatte Pelose, I’m back with something really different, incredibly out of the ordinary.

Who said that there are only shoes stuffed with fur? Who said they have the exclusive? “They”, the fashion designers, I mean.

The hairy shoes are now unique interpreters of a style that will never fade, so #cafonalchic, but also the product designers uses leathers and fur to complete their projects. But will they really make good use of it, or are they going to fall into the kitsch mood?

Is it, in your opinion, the ase of James Michael Shaw, a London designer who created this sitting, covering it with fur?

Do you recognize some English humour in these armchairs?

I do. I find them as entertaining as improbable. But I would never put one in my house, I love leather armchairs like the Poltrona Frau, but I know they are producing and selling many of these seats.

MM Hairy Armchairs, or better Modular Mechanics Armchairs, have a little bit of construction as the “Meccano” but made of wood, and lots of hairy hilarity.

Available in various colors, we also have the version Dark Cow, light sheep and ice blue, which recalls a little the color of the sky or if you prefer of dolphins.

I know, I’m wicked… But I am here for this and I can not always talk about hairy slippers that then bored you.

But please, tell me… What veins appear of this object?



Photo by Paul Plews

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