Naomi Graeme

A beautiful Naomi Campbell.

Yes, in the end you know the fashion come back and return, said between us, the hairy shoes have not been this great novelty when they popped up in 2014 (or just before).

Naomi Campbell knew it, or they rather knew it in the editorial office of Vogue when this article was written with the beautiful Black Panther who wore animalier clothing with unmistakable dalmatian spots and photographed by Peter Lindbergh in 1990.

At a distance of almost 30 years I’m sorry I can not tell you who are those hairy shoes, while having reference to the caption of the photo appeared in the June issue of Vogue. Pity indeed. But at least I found traces of a trend that probably had already been launched, and perhaps never considered?

Admire her, this photo, it’s really gorgeous, ironic, intriguing.

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