Even if met a few days ago at the fashion show of Max Mara, one of the outfits proposed by the Italian fashion house that I particularly love, is the plaid, or rather the long plaid skirt. Actually it’s not for the next year summer season, but of course for next fall/winter and you find the blankets already in the boutiques.

Pardon, the skirts not the plaids. Yes because it is not an idea born by chance as it often happens, it is a garment that is part of the autumn winter collection of MM currently on sale. A plaid of Scottish wool, with printed design, like the one thatmy father put on when he lay down for a rest, and something that maybe we did and we will do it again.

Turning the plaid into a skirt with a lot of fringes and selling it, causes me a series of twists into my stomach and tumultuous thoughts on how much I can be puzzled about this garment. And even more the fact that it is produced by a fashion house that I adore and that there will probably someone to buy it, even if I have my big doubts.

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