I also have my weaknesses, I let myself be fascinated by what at first glance could be a galactic disgust, but then thinking a little bit about, I express myself positively. As in the case of shoes, mainly sandals, worn with socks. I find it a pretty sexy style.

The Socks sandals, the new trend of 2018, is the sandals worn in winter with socks, bizarre but original, for the cold (do not forget that it was decreed that bring the sandals in winter, is an fashion élite, a tendency almost obligatory in certain environments), but especially for the most fashionistas.

Basically, I agree, there are embroidered women’s socks, coloured, plumed, untrimmed… so why should we hide them under pants worn with shoes or booties? Let’s see them, right? You have to be bold and look forward. So take out your most beautiful sandals, go shopping for the coolest and original socks the market offers you, and put them on!

The trend? Already for some time some fashion houses have launched a style and given to the way to a trend, that is sport couture.

Fendi was the first Maison to focus on the trend of sport couture especially for shoes.
From sneakers that have the shape of a sock, arriving through the Rockoko Boots velvet sandals with built-in socks. These one it’s better to leave them aside, they could fit the Japanese or Korean market. So let’s try to stay “with the feet on the ground” and have a little of classy. Then in my opinion Fendi has become such a trashy brand, that these sandals are nothing compared to other horrendous trends that have launched and I do not know for which markets.

Fendi sandals with built-in socks. I wouldn’t say that.

Let’s talk about our sandals that you have in the shoe rack that you will wear to put aside your ordinary look and to turn it into something that goes “beyond”.

They don’t necessarily have to be sandals, they can also be nice cool closed shoes, which will just match with the right socks.

Avoid extreme, short socks and decorated with applications of stones and stunning embroidery, are comfortable with simple decolleté, and on the contrary, if you wear flashy shoes wear simple socks.

Here, maybe if you can, avoid the hairy slippers with socks, these are really unwatchable.

By the way talking about extremes, please forget to combine like these below, with a lot of hairs and tattoos in plain sight as sure these gentlemen are wearing short trousers.


It’s also true that it’s a totally masculine fashion style, but please… a little of dignity!

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