Are we more fashionable if we dress of Ultraviolet? Beyond the beliefs, the metropolitan rumors, about how lucky or not is violet color, this year the Pantone, the famous company that dictates the law on colors, has decreed that the violet, or rather the Ultraviolet, is the color of the year. Which means we should change our entire wardrobe to be dressed and accessed exclusively with this color. Did any of you already do that? Then of course next year, that is in a few months, news will arrive on the new color “beauty queen” of the year, and then we’ll take another shopping tour. But then, all these purple, green, orange clothes, what are we going to do? A nice bonfire?

The viola, apart from the jokes, is good for red hair, blondes, being a color “viol... ent” must do contrast, otherwise ends up dampening the tones of the wearer. So, for a color so “viol… ent”, it takes a woman with aggressive tones to be able to wear without tone.

I have decided here, right now, and I seriously impose it, that from today the woman to make people understand who is in charge, even by the hairdresser rather than the salumiere, must rigorously dress violently in purple.

I confess that to me the viola does not mind at all, and a couple of years ago I was going to buy myself a beautiful coat in purple wool that I had seen in a shop, then already there was a tendency towards this hue.

After all it takes a nice dose of courage to dress total Ultraviolet, and I advice, if you just can not do without and if you know how to wear it, to match it with other colors to not go from the effect violently aggressive, directly to the sarcophagus effect Mortual. With red, a perfect combination, very #uncafonalchic but with pink cyclamen I do not love it. Maybe a nice bright green if you really want to hit?


From the dress to the accessory, to the lipstick, to the nail polish, all Ultraviolet… no limits.

Even Butter London, a well-known brand of nail products from London, created the Ultraviolet Pantone enamel to be in line with the mood of the year. Then next year you throw it. Obviously.


But tell me, have you seen anyone dressed in purple around? I don’t. And yet it seems there are. Even our dear Queen Elisabeth, a woman of colourful class, has not been the least, and I believe that she, for many English women, is a Royal example to follow.

Now I’m going to look for some hairy purple shoes, maybe I find them, meanwhile already here, between slippers in a tone worn with socks and sunglasses, we are on the right track!

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