I would not bore you too much, although it is still early talk of boredom, but yes, to my great pride, the number of readers of this blog increases every day more, and the baby fluffy grows, slowly but grows.

Today it rains, it is a real autumn day, indeed an autumn Sunday of those that we expected after a prolonged summer prolonged. So here I am cuddling my baby and preparing some nice articles for you for the next few days, which I now wish to delight you with these beauties.

Kim Kardashian wore Givenchy mink Fur Slides
Khloe Kardashian and striped Adidas slides

Are you thinking they’re elegant?

I have my thoughts on the two ladies above, who devote their lives to the most incredible stupidities and follow the diet (who knows what it is) to make their back more and more big.

Don’t you know who they are?

Come on, you’d be the only ones. They are easily recognizable and popular, really popular in the USA especially, that when I come across one of the many Kardashian sisters, I wonder when all it will ever end at all. The Trash and cafonal no longer end.

Get back to us.

The hairy shoes is part of their wardrobe, and it’s not even the first time I’ve seen on them.

I was meditating that I should find a way to let them know that there is a blog dedicated to Hairy Shoes Addicted. Maybe they like it as well, who knows?

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