Hermès is a luxury brand that rides the wave of success for decades. Perhaps the most beautiful brand of handbags and accessories in absolute, elegant, chic and unique refinement, timeless. How much did we want to have one of the famous bags, wear one of their scarves, a belt, or possess some of the objects of furniture of an infinite class and a unique merit?

I confess that in my closet there is a fantastic green emerald bag Hermès, belonged to my mother and that gave me when I was 20 years. Now it’s a vintage bag, but for the shape and color is really topical.

They are timeless objects, refined and elegant, loved and sought after.

And instead, have you ever seen a nicer accessory?

Hermès rides, and what better way to express it than with horse-shaped accessories, I say?

Here is the Hermès Rodeo Charms collection. Beautiful, colorful leather ponies and all coloured, made in different sizes and went to steal, so that I went to look for them in the shop in the center of Milan and they had no more.

Out of production? Not really, I guess they’re still in the French boutiques or some luxury Mall scattered around the world. But it is certain that today decorate with a touch of class and color, the Hermès bags of many, Hermès addicted, that believe me are really many. Other than Louis Vuitton or Gucci. Here we speak of a great class, without time.

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