Happy New Year in the name of The Ciabatte Pelose!

Time for budgets?

Too early for The Ciabatte Pelose blog to think about making a year-end budget, also because we are only here since September 1, so what budgets can we make of only 4 months of blogging?

We can only put comfortable in the armchair, think about some new ideas to be enjoyed by sharing with you in the coming months.

What do you say, let stay with us?

Maybe you may find something surprisingly delicious!

And in the meantime we celebrate the arrival of the new year, perhaps wearing some beautiful golden shoes like those I proposed a couple of days ago, or a nice pair of hairy shoes like those you see in the picture and that will be at my feet at midnight!

Happy New Year to all of you and… stay tuned on The Ciabatte Pelose!


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