So I missed Christmas, no matter… I had a few things to do, including being behind all the events, the Cafonate, the glamorous news, the hairiness of the fashion world, which I assure you is very challenging.

So I’m organizing everything for a 2019 full of goodies as hairy as possible to cheer your days, but especially mine. To do everything well since the end of the year and to recover some lost days (lost for me, but not for you… I saw that anyway you have come to read this fantastic blog, Google told me!!), I decided that today I would have decreed the Hairy Shoes of the Year.

What do you think? Pretty nice hairy shoes, huh?

Easy to wear, soft to the touch, even your cat will fall in love while the Rottweiler will shred them, and the Chihuahua will get jealous, because they are hairy while they are not. What a hard life!

The fact is that I have to clarify that these shoes so #cafonalchic are not really a new of 2018, but rather the 2015, thus must have so much appreciated, that already in 2016 have been reproposed with some modifications to make them better (aaaarrggghh!). Imagine yourself what they did in 2017 and in 2018, It’s better not to investigate further.

Well, I do not know what can say anymore, in front of the beauty, I rest only open-mouthed, because yes… I must confess, I already love them.

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