The saga Ciabatte Pelose continues and today we have the first episode of the new series, the Second. New protagonists, new intertwoven plots, sweaty meetings in the shade of the tents of the shops of Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda await you. You will love them and hate them at first glance! For those who missed the previous bets, you’ll find them here.

After casting the hundreds of possible new protagonists of this infamous space saga, hairy more than ever, the event of the year, the most beloved series in Italy and abroad returns for you on these screens: Ciabatte Pelose the Second Season.

Kardashians more than ever!

During this period of pause, film production company The Ciabatte Pelose could now give a sequel to the great screenplay of the first season, with new protagonists, twists, love affairs and suspense to take your breath away.

Accomplices the uncertain season, which still a little chilly and not yet exploded in its fragrances and a thousand colors has yielded its fruits (and what fruits!), and the crowd of fierce agents unleashed to hunt in the streets of the city.


Mother House, indeed mothers houses, have for some time already positioned their troops, their space fighters and launched the first attack to resume the battle to conquer the universe, to get there where no other man has come before, and get the Dominion Absolute in space, conquer the Earth and a place in history. 

New hirsute protagonists will be your idols and will fight with blows of incredible hairiness, fairs to fight for their home motherland.

You will be amazed by the unimaginable special effects, for which the powerful designers have given everything and for everything by removing a new fantastic range of weapons of seduction. 

Laser swords and photonic missiles have been replaced by heels, chewy suolone and abominable combined with even more hairy interiors and exteriors, all studied in detail and with a new battle scheme worthy of the most important leaders in history. 

Well, the winter season is now over, and the spring just started is there ready to explode in every moment. The spring colors and scents will be accompanied by new oils that will be released by the new hairy space weapons. No more fires and flames, but thermal waves will nebulize the “Eau de pied” and the sweating sweating drops. Nothing can counteract them.

Parent companies have put in place a new strategy: striking and slaughtering the competition to the sound of new weapons of destruction with the technical characteristics never experienced before in the presence of the climatic changes of this new season, putting aside slippers Hairy rapes for a later moment more propitious. It will be a real epidemic.

I thank my special agents who have been able to make an exceptional casting, in particular Alexa that today proposes the first protagonist, with his twin sister, of the new episode, the first of season 2, discovered among the exhibitors of a renowned great Warehouse located near Piazza Duomo (in Milan, of course).

These two hairy sisters are surprised to have been invented by a new typology of stylistic (non-stylistic) sisters as well as them and that from far America would like to be barred, exterminate and extinguish in battle their enemy to conquer the planet Earth and to have absolute sovereignty on the global market, the fearsome Kardashian sisters.

Will they succeed? We’il find out in the next episode.

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