Hairy shoes, the Saga, (well known as Ciabatte pelose, the saga) second episode.

Continue the Hairy Shoes Saga, do not miss this new story, you will find all the episodes of the saga collected here. Enjoy your reading!

I will fight to the end to protect and preserve the home slippers… and so today I present a new goody from the shoe system, which tells its own story.

Let’s tell you about these shoes in their total “cafonaggine”¬†exceeding the concept of kitsch by denying any artistic expression and elegance.

Of course this is just my thought, but I would like to know who could buy them, or if you prefer how many have been sold.

On who could buy them, just peek right into the picture and you’ll find a lady with red jacket, or rather miss, and her beautiful, very kitsch LV bag because even that bag, deserves a little attention… but let’s not wander too much, there will be also the time and season to talk about bags and handbags.

So, do you like these hairy shoes that are so sparkle, more than you can see?

Would you wear them at a party or dinner at Savini’s? Or will you put on to get out of the bathtub?

Soon with other kitsch goodies, and until the season will allow us… I will go on looking for hairy shoes to submit to you.

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