Gucci, the new Sneakers. Yes I know, it is unbelieveble, but unfortunately it is just so, it is exactly what you are Seeing.

They do not need to be described, because they speak for themselves and in this period they fill the windows of Gucci shops and corners in the luxury department Stores.

We place some crystals here and there to make them more tacky than ever, and they’re going to Steal.

This is Made in Italy? In fact I do not consider it more so since it is part of the group of art collector (and fashion Brands) Pinault.

Unfortunately it is only our fault, because if we did not have full awareness of the taste of the horrid, the fashion houses would not feed him with these goodies: shoes with ugly shape, exorbitant price, on which is stuck anything to make them the most Kitsch Possible.

They win the stamp of #CafonalChic in full marks

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