No! You can’t go on like this! Stop them, please!

Walking around Milan and at every corner of the city I find Gucci hairy shoes that ambush me. I flee but thy chase me. A crazy pursuit that won’t escape me. I’m afraid of being overwhelmed by this hairy crowd in delirium, swallowed by a bottomless vortex and find myself unaware contaminated by the virus that now ramps, unchallenged enemy.

I flee by rolling on the subway stairs, chased by the girls that ignore (or not?) to collect the dump dusty crap and at every step kicking me hurtling on. But I run. Aaaarrggghh!

Stop them, please!

I don’t want to end like this!

I do not want to be killed by these hairy monsters!

I do not want to spend my life looking under the bed before falling asleep and hoping not to find the ogre ciabatta who escaped from the shoe rack waits for the good time to tend to ambush me.

Go away nasty hairy thing!

You’ll never get me!!

Thanks to Sabrina, David, Laura who also helped me with their pictures.

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