The amazing Furry loafers, a.k.a. ciabatte pelose, a.k.a. hairy shoes, the first and unique… or almost? It is impossible, at least for me, to know when the first hairy ciabatta from the street has been marketed, but I think I have at least identified the parent company, the brand of all brands, that has decided to launch in deep space this insane madness.

And whose idea was this?

Not being able (for now) to make names, just so as not to alienates my mother (whether or not one day they call me to try a few, and I will later see myself forced to do outing with my best friend, this blog), I can however take pictures… and place a little

so that you can all easily guess who it is.

However I was joking, the names can be done and I put also the second and third names and surnames. That maybe you will love them more…

I know you already know them. These furry loafers are the updated version, upgrading the model of Gucci Princetown designed and hairystyled by Alessandro Michele, Art Director, the hairy soul of Gucci from 2015.

I said hairy soul, did it pose that’s why….?

The furry loafers have created no little stir due to the fact that they are stuffed with kangaroo fur, and this undoubtedly has created quite a stir among the animal activists. It seems however, the public who buys, doesn’t care, given the vastness of models created, how many sold and paid each time with not a few money. Ah, coherence!

Of course they are also the protagonists of The Saga “Ciabatte Pelose”, how could I not include them in the cast?

There are an infinite quantity of kind of shoes, with different furs and more or less embroidered hides, paints. Some are funny, some are monstrous horrible, some are really exaggerated and unwearable, and I assure you that we are at the limit of #CafonalChic.

Be sure that I will show you all, or almost, because the more I digging and the more they jump out of new, and it is really difficult to be behind the daily bakery. At that point you are going to take over and I will leave to you the burden to mark them as #CafonalChic or #UnCafonalChic. You better get ready.

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