We got to the season finale. We knew that sooner or later it would happen, and the countless fans eagerly awaited for days this time to know which final would close this first set of 5 episodes of Hairy slippers.

I had thought of a bet with a bang, but instead I decided to close this stellar saga with an artistic touch, something that would introduce us in a soft way to season 2, which is already in production and that will be on these screens indicatively at the beginning of spring… with Many novelties, new stars that will be undisputed divas and that I know you’ll love right away.

Well, here is the star of the fifth episode, What in previous adventures has been able to fill our hearts of love and our eyes of joy, for his role today has undergone a kidnapping, a radical transformation in the image and an accurate restyling that we Accompany the meeting with the new protagonists that we will see in the first episode of Season 2: Luxurious blue silk velvet topped by an elegant and brilliant chain in yellow gold style ‘ 60/’ 70/’ 80/’ 90, with that unmistakable design that does not It will never fade forever and ever.

No kind of barrier can block the imagination of insatiable creatives, eager to give the best of themselves, the new haircut despite the now close end of this harsh winter will prepare us for daring, incredible, unattainable, unimaginable news.

Ciabatta without hair, our protagonist of today, is the incomparable proposal February/March of a well-known designer (of which I could make name and surname but I leave it to you to investigate starting from a “T” and an “F”), and that will accompany us at the entrance of the next season Spring walking in the streets paved with the novelty of Milan and international fashion.

Ciabatta without hair, full optional, the real asphalt Ciabatta.


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