Waiting for the Milan Fashion Week, I admit… I’m rolling the soles of my shoes, I also trained to make kilometers on feet day and night to not miss anything, here’s some goodies shoots  from the just ended New York Fashion Week.

I’ve seen of all kinds, #CafonalChic or #UnCafonalChic…. or absolutely tacky kitsch.

Let’s start with these images, and the protagonists that deserve to be the first to open the sparkling Fashionable festival, made of fashion shows, parties and Primedonne. But here we are at apotheosis.

These two young ladies in the United States are well known… Another couple of influencer just to inform you, with their blog included. Only that so styled, I wonder who  they ever influence. Boh!

The Beckerman twins, so they call themselves, have in general a predilection to the #CafonalChic, or rather kitsch, and always go around dressed like that. This was their outfit at the Jeremy Scott’s show in New York a few days ago.

Note the Japanese Manga style, accompanied by fantastic hilarious moonboots. oh yes, you have seen well, those are just moonboots, cheerfully worn a few evenings ago when maybe it was more than 25 degrees in New York?

But these two twins are known to be so very “american style”, like in this picture of them recently made for a Chanel adv.

Chanel, what are you doing??

I love those moonboots, ideal to go even to the beach… And you?

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