Chiara Ferragni goes on fur, and I make her front and back. It looks bad, but a nasty title there was just fine, and it makes everything nice.

As sunday goodies, I thought to ride the wave of novelty (I ride always), and exploit the Neo (but is that Neo!?!) launch of the hairy shoes of the Chiara Ferragni Collection.

It is so, but nothing is neo, this is a real copy of the Gucci furry shoes, indeed. Yes, OK, there are small modifications but they are very unsubstantial… then this little eye placed above in plain sight, it could be loved, but I don’t. Can I tell you? They look so much like Barbie shoes!

As you know my not appreciation of the furry shoes, let me tell you how bad are the Ferragni, hairy shoes of Ferragni? Really teribbbbbble.

The very low target of the fashion/shoes Chiara FerragniCollections and the very high price (please, the price!!) of these slippers makes me spontaneously arise the question: who buys them?!?!

I know, I’m advertising that’s true, but I could not say my opinion and as I said above, I just want take advantage of it!

I hope you don’t tell me that they are beautiful and you would buy them!! They always remain copies, and Barbie’s shoes.

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