It was so obvious! Sure! Do you think that a Chanel furry bag doesn’t exist? Are you kidding me? How could a this fashion house not make furry bags? I mean, what are you asking?

Chanel furry bag at the Chanel by the Sea parade October 2018
Blue as the summer Sea

Ok is not a novelty, it is already some time maybe a couple of years that Chanel produces bags covered with fur. But this year, this year’s the wish to possess one seems to be more extensive.

Impatient women who have already started shopping for the upcoming spring season have already choose the new models of furry bags Spring/Summer 2019 in bright colors reminiscent of cherry blossoms or the Sea of Maldives.

You read it right: I’m talking about next spring. Oh yes! You are not careful and above all you are still in winter hibernation.

Don’t you feel the sweet warm breeze blowing for a few days? What about the sparkling sun that is shining in the sky? It’s time to think about spring. Wake up little girls, furry bags are waiting for you! Nevermore without one!

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