How ugly were the hairy shoes by Céline? Did you ever expect that?

Céline has always created bags, clothes and accessories really interesting, but in the spring of 2012 and 2013 has perhaps really exaggerated?

In fact also last fall/winter presented a collection of hairy shoes that I will show you soon, but these of the past have really surpassed everything, including the Gucci’s hairy shoes.

Duck Shoes

During his 10 years of experience as Céline’s creative director, Phoebe Philo has invented incredibly amazing “pieces”. His knowledge of what women need and want (from the practical to the sumptuous) bringing the company to increased sales for the brand since she start her collaboration in 2008.

Hairy shoes at fashion show Celine Spring/Summer of 2013 in Paris, precursors of the hairy Birkenstock.
Photo by Giovanni Giannoni/Penske

The same philosophy has been applied to the Céline footwear, but it creates the possible “ugly”. It was Phoebe Philo who debuted with the Birkenstock-style orthopedic sandals with fur lining for the 2013 season, and then Birkenstock followed the proposal by realizing its version with shearling of its iconic Arizona sandal.

But these Minnie/Daisy style models do you like them? Would you ever buy them?

We will see then what you think of the models proposed last winter season.

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