Dior presented them in 2015 at one of the fashion shows as a cult product for the spring summer of that year. But what happened to the Dior Skins Boots?

Made of vinyl and colorful, with transparent high heels … Do you never seen them “around”? Or have they just been a light in the sky, solved in nothing?

Yet, according to the reviews of the magazines at the time of their launch, they seemed to be one of the must have accessories and woe to those who had not had them.

The boots seen in the fashion show of Christian Dior, Winter 2015, are taking hold for obvious reasons. A magnificent vinyl boot and stretch paint grazed the catwalk in the spring, passing almost unnoticed, while the last appearance and the autumn/winter 2015-2016 fashion Show led by artistic director Raf Simons received a great success Attention. Latex Fetish boots boast exotic skins, animalesque motifs and camouflage details in bold colour combinations, complete with heavy Lucite heels. The Vicious Boot, both at the top of the thigh and in the ankle shape, is weird and out there-and that’s exactly why we love them.
Do We Bet that the new boot with the vinyl heel will be important in the fall?

Wrote a famous English fashion magazine….

Actually, I think they just went unnoticed… and fled away at the speed of light, at least this extra long version.

And practicality in wearing them? With such a tight ankle and such a long leg…?

Have you saw perhaps the lowest ones?

If any of you have bought it, used it for more than once, I would like to have his/her impression, especially as fit, practicality, comfort and especially know under what conditions were feet and legs after a whole day passed in there.

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