In a historical period in which the men’s fashion in my opinion is experiencing a profound crisis, I admire the eccentric style and choices of this gentleman “pecked” at Pitti Immagine Uomo a few days ago and that I do not know who he is, but he has a stunning sense of self-irony that is lacking to many of us, women and men, and that leads him to dare.

Think about how much this person is capable of communicating with us through his choices in what to wear every day.

To take it as an example, to find a style that represents us, that reflects our way of being and that makes us unique, rather than being always dressed in the same way and conforming to someone else and the rules. But then what rules? What are these rules that oblige us to dress us all in the same way? And who are these “others” that we have to copy? The influencer? But do we really need someone to tell us how we should dress? Maybe we’re not capable of it? Maybe yes, considering how successful the influencer are.

All with jackets, coats, and blue, black, gray-haired parkas. All with the same accessories, all with the same colors on them, the same kind of shoes, all the same as if we were in uniform. How many times have we met someone who wears our own dress or accessory? It happens to me several times.

We’re more than that. To feel good about ourselves first and foremost, and who cares about the neighbor’s comments? But you have to know how to do it with style and ideas not to be excessive and risk becoming vulgar. Such as I saw in certain put thrown in a jumble of different garments, unlikely colors, all nonsense.

Is fashionable street style that as I have already written in my article here, sometimes seems to me a meaningless potpourri and very often hideous?

Do we like it that way? Ok, go for the street style, but at least with real style and a hint of self-irony.

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