Given that if I’m here is because I had an idea, nay you have served me it on a silver platter, but I’m also riding the wave of the moment. I admit it and I’m conscious of it. I say quietly and without turning too around that having an idea, writing already for another blog, the Phantomatic influencer gave me the final decision to start this new project.

The digital age has evolved, there has been the necessity to reinvent ourself with a new role and certainly a job (what a job?), to find inspiration, and them not knowing what else to do in life, probably what better occasion than to invent the influencer’s job?

I have already many different projects, I create jewels because I’m a creative, so one more thing to do can only complete my desire to do things creative and funny, because writing about hairy shoes I really enjoy myself.

But let’s see what other people do and what they are. First of all what “influencer” means? Here’s the “explain” from an italian dictionary.

How many are they? Hundreds, and there is also the male version, who are notoriously wearing underwear to show us… their abs? Let’s call it in this way, to avoid unleashing the masculine Olympian.

If the boys influencer are in their underwear, because the male fashion is much more limited than the feminine, for the ladies the matter is seriously different, given the amount of objects and accessories to put on and that every year comes out of the oven.

It needs physical

As we know in the fashion industry you have to have the physical to do it, the sector of course, or maybe the style (since for someone the business has exploded in the hands and now they have fashion brand too). The fact is that the influencer now on fame carry on average the size 36/38 but I assure you that I also saw some 34. And there, in my opinion, we are really at the limit of the well-being of our body and mind.

Let’s continue and see what other physical characteristics we need to be a successful influencer.

In addition to the micro size, we have a total lack of breasts (of course otherwise how you have a xs size), unless it is redone. Yes, I know… I’m walking on a rocky terrain talking about breasts redone, so I don’t go over…

The second point is the face. The most talented are and must be pretty. But yes, let me say pretty nice, I don’t unbalance. Intriguing brunette with eastern stretches, or the brightest blondes with light eyes. And believe me, if you are not “so pretty”, you can take a thousand selfies without using photoshop and photographing wearing micro clothes, I do not think anyone would spin, so that, in this case, you should find a testimonial that will take your place (but how much would it cost?).

Don’t you have the right face or are you forced to a hard makeup to change the characteristics? Just listen to me, stay at home watching TV that sure you will not go anywhere (I’m kidding!).

The numbers however confirm it: the pretty girls make a big success, the ugly ones firmly struggle.

Influencer under or over 40?

I do not names and I won’t put photos, that is, but not really, I’ve made a name a few lines later, but she, Clio, is really nice, and when I have free time I watch her videos on YouTube to understand which primer choose (what the hell is a primer??) and how to put on my false eyelashes (how do you put them on?!?).

What about the others?

Not knowing what to do in your life, if you do not go shopping buying the most embarrassing things of the moment between clothes and make up, tricks and accessories, not having the head for a mathematical scientific study to win the Nobel Prize, and you have nothing to do everyday in your life, the influencers have thought well to become writers and write on the web, just to spend their time, until they find hundreds of peers willing to be influenced by their thoughts. All this is easy and without style around the 25/30 years, but fantastic and talented for the over Forty.

Also I, with this blog, I want to do the influencer, but I just want to influence subliminally on how scary are the hairy shoes that you do not have to buy!!! (It’s a joke, I will only influence you to take it with spirit, because it takes so much, but really so much of your spirit to wear those stuff there).

The over 40 are not as many as the under 40. They have on their side the fascination and thoughtlessness of their years, of being stylish and charismatic, full of energy that exude from all the pores and from every single wrinkle.

Look at them how pretty cute, always perfectly rigged, with their beautiful fashionable clothes, which seem tailor-made for them, and fantastic accessories well matched. Beautiful shoes, beautiful bags, which then are the same ones that put the under Forty, but on the over 40 they have another charm and sometimes they wear them much, really much better.

I do not want to mention names of over, I’m sure you already follow several, just see how you dress or your make up is but at least one I want to mention, the one that I consider an icon of style and yes, also an influencer, the Notre Dame of the Influencer, Iris Apfel, who with her unique style unmistakable, every time amazes me and whispers in the ear “dare more”.

And what side am I on?

And how are you? You’re asking yourself. I’m a pretty blond, with clear eyes….. and……… zero breast redone. So? So come to me people of the web!

I’m kidding, I can hardly be a charismatic influencer. I’m a little old girl because now I’m a over 40, even in my size, alas. I’m not one that makes a hundred thousand selfies because to avoid shooting the hen’s paw in the upper right corner I have to do eight thousand light tests that frankly my batteries will discharge. But I discover a miraculous foundation that I have searched by myself, because miss Clio Make up she was not able to advise me (the false lashes, how do you put on?!?!?!), that seems to be witchcraft and maybe the hen’s paw up there and the dark circles over there, I can avoid to photoshop them.

Do you want to see me? It’s not about right now! Who already follows my hairy shoes stories published even in the past on other blogs, knows well my face, for everyone else there is suspense.

Oh well, sooner or later I’ll show myself, maybe when someone will offer me to wear a ciabatta pelosa? For now, for a short time I want to go against the trend. Everyone show themselves and make a thousand selfie a day, but who tells you that maybe the wind does not change direction now that I am arrived? And then, not by chance, this is or is not a unconventional blog?

Now tell me, what about you? What do you want to do as a grown-up? The influencer?

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