The Furry Shoes, the mythical hairy shoes

We give place to the world of fashion, accessories, the most incredible, funny, amazing trends, but also and above all to the horrific and terrifying one of the moment, such as hairy shoes a.k.a furry shoes, not to be confused with the home slippers.

Fashion is in its heyday. Every object, dress, accessory has already been invented in the past decades but today it returns transformed and re-proposed in many new aspects.

It is the era of horrors, of the all branded, of the unlikely street style, of being fashionable anyway, of wearing everything and nothing, of wearing the one seen on the VIP of the moment.

From the floral dress, the leopard, the lace, the transparencies, the overlap of garments and accessories with the most incredible cuts and the most unlikely colors… The tendency is to structure a style on ourself and more it is articulated and impractical, the more it is fashionable.

And then there are them, the shoes.

Shoes are a cult for thousands of women. The shoes are the accessory that complete every style especially in this new era in which there are many new models, including the hairy shoes.

Inevitable presence in anyone shoes closet, they are not used but abused daily, not only by the hectic daily use but even before the “violence” suffered by the pencils of fashion designers.

The shoes get transformed and they are no longer more an object inside which we comfortably place our feet, to be warmed up, protected, helped to overcome obstacles, dangers… but they become the object on which to express artistic flair, sometimes cafonal and not functional… And byebye comfort, aesthetics, practicality, hygiene, durability.

The Ciabatte Pelose

… It wants to be the place dedicated to fashion shoes, but not only.

The transformation unconsciously implemented by the new Fashion Era, has reduced these beautiful objects that accompany us daily along our path, in ridiculous opprobrium no longer the slightest trace of their unmistakable beauty, without more a soul, without their fundamental role.

What are you wearing right now? Chic shoes, or hairy shoes? Shoes uncafonalchic or cafonalchic?