Well yes, I like to watch the Festival della Canzone of Sanremo, and I look at it not so much for the singers who perform or the songs proposed, but I watch it for the show.

In recent years, was a bit ‘ down in tone, the always assiduous presence of the singers of De Filippi who invariably won, the conductors and the conductor of low-alloy who liked only the housewives of TV at lunchtime, apart from some exceptions, all The rest has always been absolute boredom. But from last year with the arrival of Baglioni, director and dictator of the Festival, I turned on the spy on the “on” and I admired having fun the show, a little ‘ less performances.

Hats off to Mr. Baglioni who with his 70 years has been able to bring the taste of irony on the stage of the Ariston accompanied by very nice co-conductors.

The edition of this year, the number 69 of the Made in Italy Festival opened just last night, February 5, and then we are at the first jokes. I turned off the TV that was missing an hour from the end of the show because I could not do more and alas tonight I will skip the episode and then maybe reconnect to the grand finals? We will see, but above all I hope that the fun is of healthy, high, hilarious level.

So, why am I here to tell you this? But of course to say my about how worn and exhibited during the evening yesterday, no? Otherwise I’m going to do here?

I do not want to make the list, take every single character and analyze the fashion style and the bearing. I just want to dwell on 4 guests who have been filled with special comments on socials and ether during the night.

Claudio Biso in Etro.

Here you are the jacket of Claudio Bisio, the comments I have read were fantastic, worthy of the best Zelig ever and I must say that in terms of irony you have put a lot but a lot of imagination, or rather you have tried… You want to know what I think of Bisio’s jacket? It’s amazing!!!

I liked it very much, I found it elegant, a Etro jacket in perfect Etro style, so classy. Believe me! Other than upholstery from sofa or ancient walls (among other things also a little Mariano Fortuny style that said between me and you first of all he was a genius, according to his fabrics were so wonderful and today are clearly copied from other brands that make furnishing and home fabrics, maybe even Etro, but it is “Paisley” style and then you can not go wrong).

My vote in Bisio’s jacket? A nice 10 + with such envy for the beauty of the fabric with which it was packaged. And if you did not like it, worse for you. Lol!

Let’s move on to the next, even next. And no, let’s not fly over it, no no. But Holy Gods… you go to Sanremo’s Festival with your usual aria from movie stars, as the Three Tenors of the new millennium, you want to be modern singing the song made for Sanremo trying to pull the uvula with treble thrown there randomly, because otherwise you get out your role of Pop tenors… you are all beautiful, elegant, unproportioned and strutting and then… and then… are you going to messed me on beige suede shoes?

No, the beige suede shoes!! Mica you are Gianni Agnelli that if he did he was considered elegant and glamorous.

No, come on! That’s not it! Go now to buy some elegant black shoes and try not to slip so low if you have had problems with your “accessories” not perfectly matched. It’s like the ones that get married in tuxedo dress, when the tuxedo is notoriously a evening dress and it’s not the right dress to wear at your wedding.

Come on, go out and run to the shop to buy the shoes of Ciccio boy in the middle, so at least if you win the Song Festival you will not pass the story to be the most sloppy of the 69° edition of the Festival of Sanremo. My vote for Il Volo is 4-(minus). I didn’t mean to rage with a 3, that’s all right this time.

The Queen is she. The good fairy of all the beautiful fables, she wants to be naughty with her husky voice and black skin of her clothes, but underneath, she is a good fairy, the Queen of all queens.

The good fairy, Loredana Bertè

Great Loredana Bertè that with her blue hair and her almost 70 years brought very well spring a slap to all the bad guys appeared on the stage and saying to alla of them “you did the Naughty Boy!”.

Great Bertè, a nice 9 for your black leather outfit, your blue hair, your aggressive boot. You are so and always you will be, and thank goodness!

Patti pravo Predator style… You can’t comment any further.

I will comment very briefly on the look of Patty Pravo, with these few words: throw the dress little sculptural compared to the past and I like little I find it rather trivial and unelegant, but the hair rasta.. No, please don’t. They are unwatchable!!

Well, that’s enough for today. We read about the next set…. in the meantime, let’s enjoy the show.

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